Have you ever imagined of living a life without the knowledge of the outside world? Have you ever thought of what the world would be if each individual had no information of his/her surrounding environment? Where would you be as an individual? Knowledge is surely the power that has brought change and difference in each century lived with each stage a new invention is realised creating the huge difference between the historic past and present. With great knowledge comes the huge responsibility of sharing. Passing the information to the other people out there is a very important aspect towards building the society and has helped in bringing change that we are currently experiancing in the 21st Century.

Life without information is like living in an endless dark room where one is stranded with no clue to where the exit door is. You can not move or make a difference in your life no matter how hard you try, you will only hit yourself to the walls enclosing you with only few managing the state. This is something that affects most people where one finds him/herself clueless to some problems being faced due to lack of knowledge and information. In the Bible, (Hosea 4:6-my people are destroyed due to lack of knowledge…)clearly states that lack of knowledge(information) is dangerous to each individual. This has caused a lot of pain to many including ourselves. What have we done about it? Most of us are still ignorant and end up living a miserable life but who is to blame if not ourselves .

We all know that food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs for human life. One can live without information and still survives but in a low state. Information may not be that basic but it forms a great pillar in life and in the path of success. It gives direction on each step made, remember, each solution made is usually based on the level of knowledge and information we have concerning the matter. Have you ever compared your life when you are in a tough situation but with no clue of the happening and when you are in the same condition but equipped with the right information about the same happening. In what state do you find it easier to solve the problem? Information is also very vital when giving instructions and making rules. Its much easier to instruct and control what you know than what you don’t know.

In the current world accessing information has been much easier compared to the old days due to improved technology. Despite the easier access to the new technology, some people are still ignorant and that is why they are still trapped in much deeper holes. How do we react when receiving information? What is our take as individuals after receiving the information? It is normal when people perceive the new information differently and each will take different action on the same issue. Some will take it as a rumor, others will create more new stories on the same while others will use the information to push their lives into the next level. We all fall in one of the categories mentioned. Don’t forget that information is an imperative (vital)piece in the life cycle and the way you react to it will be much greater than the information itself. Be smart and wise when making a choice after receiving an information, your reaction determines a lot.

Owino Maxwell Gad

Published by maxwell gad

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8 thoughts on “INFORMATION;

  1. Information has brought change and in some cases, it has helped us in making some vital decisions, what’s us without information? Great piece


  2. Without access to information even the world wouldn’t have been as it is today. We should stop the ignorance, embrace the difference and make good use of it.This is vital even for the generation next.
    Well said Max.

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