My time has come still held hostage with no reason,

Someone had forgotten that it was my season,

My room is so free with no space to escape,

I need to go I need to set myself free,

The walls around me won’t let me flee.

The pressure I exert is worth breaking the wall,

The outcome is a crevice staining the black mall,

With each blow a bright light can be seen through,

I hoping that the sight is so true,

Am now craving for the outside dew,

The walls so tight I won’t go through.

Each effort has brought its’ fruit,

One wall down but still rooted to it’s foot,

With closed eye I make the first move,

I have finally crossed it now into the murky mood,

My steps numbered I can’t make a move,

I have realised a new wall rising two.

Still confused at the new sight beyond the grass,

A tall figure blocking my path with it’s heavy mass,

Am overshadowed by a new strong cage,

Will I get through will I get my wage,

I have to move hoping to get the way,

The walls so tight keep cooling my faith.

Taking a break my energy all drained,

The burden on me careless of the so called trained,

East to West I found no way,

My efforts all wasted more sweat no pay,

Will I ever be free will I see a bright day,

The walls so tight am trapped no light.

O.Maxwell Gad

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